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Oct 1, 2018

Dear Visitor:

My name is Darel Long of Blacksburg, VA. and I’m delighted you visited my personal website. As time passes, I will update here with new information.

I’m extremely thankful to a select group of friends, associates and to my mother and brother who supported me during extraordinarily difficult times. To special friends from Alta Vista, VA , South Carolina, Washington, Florida, Texas, Ukraine, Russia and West Indies.

To those whom I sought aeronautical persuasion since 2012, together we were able to chart a new course, new direction. The plan could have only emerged with recent technology advancements from 3D printing.  The real miracle was all this was created without money or any budget. I’m thankful to the small dedicated team who helped make this possible and our recent private review far exceeded expectations.

Simple, bold, creative, and effective are some of the most powerful words that are often the basic building blocks to outstanding ideas, plans, and results.  Sometimes, while in the midst of chaos, a new idea and new direction will lead to outstanding results that are often born during the greatest times of adversity.

I have endured a six year and three month custody case that ballooned to an enormous sum exceeding $357,000.00 to support and litigate during the length of the case.  Adding insult to injury, the extensive custody debt required additional funds and the only remaining resources to support the costs became loan sharks.  The use of loan sharks added additional and nearly impossible debt resolve.  In early 2016, after creative and effective plans were put into place, all loan sharks were paid off in full but not without additional harm to remaining cash on hand.

In 2014, the aforementioned opportunity help gave rise to a simple, effective, and creative plan using profitable real estate opportunities beginning September 2014.   This plan resolved all former issues created by loan sharks and, more recently, started to resolve private debt.  In 2017, West Indies Home Deals was launched with anticipation of phase two for our opportunities in the West Indies.  Most recently, opportunities moved forward to resolve some private debt by the end of this year, and the by April 15, 2019.  The same opportunities will also give rise to the second phase for the West Indies as we launch by February 15, 2019.  In short the second phase will launch niche news sites focused on some of the West Indies Caribbean markets to include:

The above mentioned sites will provide a valuable aggregate news sources for the regions and also provide a platform to help us obtain

and sell quickly real-estate opportunities in the Caribbean and West Indies regions. A total of 12 regional sites will be launched. Those listed above are just a few of the names.

In 2012, another inspired idea was envisioned. The idea centered on an aeronautical design.  With no money to fund the idea, difficulty in raising capital for such a unique idea, I later met individuals with specialized knowledge to aid the development.  As technologies advanced, I embraced 3D printing technology on a small scale, with advanced testing, and donated time from professionals and testing facilities, a working model emerged.  September 12, 2018, my design received raved private reviews from industry peers.  As of the date of this site update, I’m now tasked to establish a formal company with specific timing to be submitted this month, October. This will lead to payoff for any remaining personal debt and medical debt by early 2019.  The aeronautical design will be known as: Long AERONAUTICS hence no investment opportunities will currently emerge.  Long Aeronautics will not accept any monetary principle sum for funding.  We have no interest in going public and our plans shall remain private until early 2019.  A relaunch and updated site will commence October 2018.

In 2017, was established and recently launched as my first entry into affiliate marketing.  Combined with the chaos from debt impacts from my custody case, and challenges thereof, the site was completed in July 2018, and moves forward October, 2018.

Effective non-profits to help others in need and loving animals are currently in planning and will be formally updated at this site once ready.  A site called donation SPIRIT  will be launched first and after years of hopeful plans to launch this valuable resource soon emerge.

Formally an announcement for an Umbrella Corporation was planned and this company will be called Inspired Long

For those seeking settlement of debt I established Long SETTLEMENT. For those seeking resolve for medical related debt you may visit Darel’s Health

Caring thoughts,

Darel L Long


The personal website Darel L Long  is provided as a source noting progress with the web destinations listed.  The website was launched December 2017 with the anticipation of progress from many endeavors. I’m truly thankful for the reception of excellent collaboration to reach important goals. These life changing opportunities will impart to those who have waited a long time, all good resolve for everyone.  If you are seeking to connect with me, you may send an email and I will reply within 2 working days.

I’ll end by sharing a valuable lesson I had to learn over a span of ten years: Love those who love you and forgive those who don’t.


Some of the greatest strengths given to me was vision and creativity.  Not every creative idea or plan will be posted however, listed below are some immediate plans and will launch:

DarelsDeals : Our official launch will be October 25, 2018

LongAeronautics : Formal business declaration will be submitted Oct 25, 2018.

donationSPIRIT:  A benevolent mission to help those in need.  This plan has slowly moved forward with certainty.  Ironically, using some of my former banking skills, I recently secured our first location without any money down or credit, secured as a private note. Our first store will launch early 2019. A 2018 Black Friday resource.  A aggregate news resource for Black Friday. A Black Friday resource for favored ads. :  A Black Friday lap top resource. A Black Friday resource for TV deals. :  A 2018 Cyber Monday resource. A aggregate new source dedicated to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday TV deal resource.  A Mesothelioma news resource.  A Roanoke VA, news resource.

There are additional plans in place not noted above.


Please complete the contact form regarding any medical debt and/or any health related topic only. Email replies are checked every Thursday’s before 8:00 pm and respond within 7 working days thereafter.


Address: P.0. Box 10871 Blacksburg, Va. 24062
Phone: 5402069257