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December 14, 2018


Dear Visitor:

My name is Darel Long of Blacksburg, Va. and I’m delighted you visited my website.  As time passes, I will update here with new information., is a personal web page listing helpful connections and future opportunities to help where possible.  After 2016’s successful settlement of two large debt groups, the next debt group will soon be in position to begin settlement.

The timeline will soon resolve many debt positions some others by March 26, 2018 while medical debts paid by Oct 6, 2018.

I’m extremely thankful to a select group of friends, associates and to my mother and brother who supported me during extraordinarily difficult times. To a special friend located in Alta Vista, VA, who has not only been a friend but understands the value of peace in times of chaos.   To my friends and associates in South Carolina, Washington, Florida, Texas, Ukraine and West Indies:  I would not be in the position to resolve and overcome drenched debt from my six year and three month custody case and medical debts without our collaboration.

For those whom it’s taken so long to provide a proper remedy to life issues: I give thanks to each of you and note a powerful resolution is near.  For those seeking private and public settlement I established LongSETTLEMENT and once the last document is obtained to open the bank account and remaining steps are completed the next payout begins.  For those seeking resolve for medical related debts on Jan 12, 2018 Darel’s Health L.L.C. will be submitted and will also be known as Darel’s Health.

I had discovered in 2014, real estate opportunities in the West Indies to overcome my substantial debt load.  Furthermore, a site called Darel’s Deals will become a contributing income stream early 2018.

To those of whom I sought aeronautical persuasion since 2012, together we were able to chart a new course, a new direction.  Perhaps my design will improve upon current designs and to that end, many trusted industry sources claim we are off to a great start.   The plan could have only emerged with recent technology advancements from 3D printing.   The real miracle was all this was created without money or any budget.   I’m thankful to the small dedicated team who helped make this possible and we are looking forward to Oct 6, 2018.

As the year ends, soon I’ll be positioned for debt relief beginning with the next payout.  All other remaining public debt and most all private debt will be resolved by March 26, 2018, which coincides with major announcements and plans from the West Indies.  The next major release will be Oct 6, 2018, the launch of   This major announcement will coincide with all medical debt settlement also by Oct 6, 2018.

March 26, 2018, not only ends with the release of West Indies Home Deals, but it also marks the release of various nonprofits that hold benevolent missions to help those in need.  The phrase “charity starts at home” lends to the start of and plan to have this launched first by March 26, 2018.  Our plans start with specific information to help those in need within my home town of Blacksburg, VA.   This will be extended to, Tacoma, WA; Greenville, SC; Dallas, TX; Miami, FL, and the West Indies.  The following web destinations will be listed for local care for the following:, will be formed to become the managing resource from whence I will accept no salary or income from missions to help with local needs.




Between April 1, 2018-May 15, 2018 the following non-profits will be launched:




The announcement of the Umbrella Corporation will be released the 1st quarter of 2018.

While my own life has been touched by major tragic events, I’m delighted to bring forward resolve to the past.  Once major issues are resolved, my non-profits will emerge to help others in need in the near future.  You are welcome to visit each site and note the progress.  While many of the web destination links above are live and are in the infant stage, the remaining sites will be launched by the middle of March 2018.


The personal website is provided as a source noting progress with the web destinations listed. The website was launched December 2017 with the anticipation of progress from many endeavors.  I’m truly thankful for the reception of excellent collaboration to reach important goals.  These life changing opportunities will impart to those who have waited a long time, all good resolve for everyone.  If you are seeking to connect with me, you may send an email and I will do my best to reply within 5 working days.  I don’t check email on the weekends.

I’ll end by sharing a valuable lesson I had to learn over a span of nine years:  Love those who love you and forgive those who don’t.


Darel Lynwood Long