October 30, 2018

Dear Visitor:

My name is Darel Long, of Blacksburg, VA.  I’m delighted you visited my personal website. As time passes, I will update here with new information.

I’m extremely thankful to a select group of friends, associates and to my mother and brother who supported me during extraordinarily difficult times. To special friends from Alta Vista, VA, South Carolina, Washington, Florida, Texas, the Ukraine, Russia, and the West Indies: I’m truly thankful. There are so many more to thank.  In time, I shall thank each and every one who has aided me toward positive transformation. To those whom I sought aeronautical persuasion since 2012, together we were able to chart a new course, new direction.

The last quarter of this year, in particular December 2018, a tranquil undercurrent of peaceful resolve will arrive and elevate some private matters to settlement.  As 2019 approaches, the still waters of peace will continue, ending all former personal conflict derived from a six year and three month custody case. 

Simple, bold, creative, and effective are some of the most powerful words that are often the basic building blocks to outstanding ideas, plans, and results.  Sometimes, a new idea and new direction will lead to outstanding results that are often born during the greatest times of adversity. During my moments of chaos, which turned into years of conflict, I was fortunate enough to discover four great ideas which later aided in celebrating life beyond my greatest hopes.

Originally, I endured a six year and three month custody case which continues in some form, even to this day.  The primary case provided shared physical custody and created an enormous debt exceeding $357,000.00 to support and litigate during the length of the case.  The debt from the case has far exceeded the stated sum which brought forward a positive remedy for shared physical custody.  Adding insult to injury, the extensive custody debt required additional funds and the only remaining resources to support the costs became loan sharks.  The use of loan sharks added additional and nearly impossible debt recovery.  In early 2014, after creative and effective plans were put into place, most loan sharks were paid off in full but not without additional harm to remaining cash on hand. The last remaining loan shark was paid in full early 2016. 

The saga of conflict has nearly ended so endurance and perseverance join successful resolution. Some will scoff and some will celebrate. 

My position is best wishes for all friend, foe, and family. 

To my daughter, you will never know how the depth of love I have for you.  It is my deepest hope we may reconcile to spend time either here, in the West Indies, or a place of your choosing.

I hope your year will end as thankful as mine.

Caring thoughts,


Darel Long

An immediate effort to launch DarelsDealsLLC  for extraordinary purpose is currently underway.  If you are seeking successful settlement resolution please visit LongSETTLEMENT.com.  The site will be relaunched on, or before, November 19, 2018.  For those seeking medical settlement you may visit DarelsHealth.com. This site will also be relaunched on, or before, November 19, 2018.


The aforementioned opportunity mentioned sites will update an effective and creative plan using profitable real estate opportunities that began September, 2014.   This plan resolved all previous issues created by loan sharks and, more recently, started to resolve private debt.  In 2017, West Indies Home Deals  was launched with anticipation of phase two and three for our opportunities in the West Indies.  With recent successful changes for the West Indies plans starting in January 2019, a newly formed enterprise will be launched in the West Indies under my complete direction. No private funds will be accepted from any party.  We will utilize social media and our own property sites will be posted here in name only, this coming December 2019.  Our next strategy will be to launch valuable aggregate news platforms for some of the following regions, leading to the launch of our property sites thereafter.

 The second phase will launch niche news sites focused on some of the West Indies Caribbean with markets to include:





 The above mentioned sites will provide a valuable aggregate news sources for the regions and also provide a platform to help us obtain and sell real-estate opportunities in the Caribbean and West Indies regions. A total of 9 or more regional sites will be launched. Those listed above are just a few of the news related names.

 In 2012, another inspired idea was envisioned. The idea centered on an aeronautical design.  With no money to fund the idea, and difficulty in raising capital for such a unique idea, I later met individuals with specialized knowledge to aid the development.  As technologies advanced, I embraced 3D printing technology on a small scale.  With advanced testing, and donated time from professionals and testing facilities, a working model emerged.  September 12, 2018, my design received rave, private reviews from industry peers. Later on September 25, 2018, a major benchmark was obtained.  As of the date of this site update, I’m now tasked to establish a formal company with specific timing to be submitted this month of October and it was submitted today. This will lead to the payoff for any remaining personal debt and medical debt no later than 2019.  The aeronautical design will be known as: Long AERONAUTICS.  No investment opportunities will currently emerge.  Long Aeronautics will not accept any monetary principle sum for funding.  We have no interest in going public and our plans shall remain private until early 2019.  A relaunch and updated site will commence on, or before, November 30, 2018.

 In 2017, DarelsDeals.com was established and recently launched as my first entry into affiliate marketing.  Combined with the chaos from debt impacts from my custody case, and challenges from them, the site was completed in July 2018, and moves forward November 12, 2018.

 Darel’s Deals LLC is a company who owns and operates DarelsDeals.com and this month will successfully launch:

 eBLACKFRIDAYNEWS.com,  will officially launch between November 1-7, 2018.

 eCYBERMONDAYNEWS.com,  will officially launch between November 1-7, 2018.

 eMESOTHELIOMANEWS.com,  will officially launch between November 5-10, 2018.

 eROANOKEVANEWS.com, will officially launch between November 5-10, 2018

 eTRUMPNEWS.com was officially launched October 22, 2018 and is far ahead of internet traffic goals. 

 By November 12, 2018, you may view the above named sites to note the progress, via 3rd party graphs, showing daily traffic success located at each sites ABOUT page and ADVERTISE page.  The traffic success will be a direct result from long term radio partners I’ve networked with from years ago. These are, held across the US which embraced early on, a free form of radio interviews during driver commute time with the goal to obtain sustained web traffic.  As of the date of this update posted on October 30, 2018, the immediate traffic results started Oct 22, 2018 began for eTRUMPNEWS.com.   We can join to see the traffic success for DarelsDeals.com by November 12, 2018.


Have you ever made a plan and yet held back by fear, insecurity or brutal negativity by others? 

I’ll never forget hearing one of the most thought provoking questions I’ve ever heard which inspired personal reflection. 

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? 

It is said that Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything”.  Later he was fired from his first jobs for being “non-productive”. It is said as an inventor he made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.  When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?”, Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times.  The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Though I can’t be certain who coined this phrase, I received a poster several years ago which says. “Great success is built on failure, frustration, and even catastrophe.”

I’ll also never forget my lated English teacher, Mr. Huffman, who said, “Darel, why are you failing?  You know the material, you answer the questions, so let’s try testing you differently.”  He was dedicated and effective as a teacher.  But above all else, he cared about results and he realized I need encouragement.  After the next “F” I received, he came to me and said with a smile… “See this?”, and he tore the test up.  He said that test will not be entered in the grade book.  He asked me to return after school to try again.  This time we chatted, snacked and asked if I was ready? 

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about and without looking at the test, he began asking me questions as if we were having a CONVERSATION about English.  Shortly afterwards, he said I had scored 94 and not 50 as I had previously.  He encouraged other teachers to support oral testing and few joined this effort.   I was grateful I had a few great teachers who helped me remember my self-worth after a tragedy as a young boy. 

 Sometimes results are unconventional however, your plans are extremely important for positive results.  Forget the naysayer sitting beside you; forget family members who oppose and belittle; forget your enemy’s views and consider your best results and so prevail with your own plan.  Do it. Do it now, but don’t wait.  I believe Edison wasn’t only an inventor but a dreamer of ideals, new ways and was unconventional. Sadly, his teacher failed to recognize his student’s genius.

Don’t allow the depths of despair, anguish, fear, or misunderstandings to undermine your vision and plans.  Plans must be followed by action. 

Currently, I’ve executed plans now leading to action and success.  In December 2018, a short list of plans will be posted and together we can follow the action steps to find out if I found out 1-1000 steps are required success. 


The successful actions listed above will lead to resolve.

 The next payout, as referenced as Group 3: Round 1, part 2, will be paid out between November 19 and December 19, 2018.

 Second payout for Group 3 will occur for Round 2, will be paid between December 20 and January 22, 2019.

 Third payout for Group 3, Round 3, will be paid between January 23 and February 25, 2019

 Forth and final payout for Group 3, Round 4, will be paid between

June 19 and July 22, 2019


The personal website Darel L Long  is provided as a source noting progress with the web destinations listed.  The website was launched December 2017 with the anticipation of progress from many endeavors. I’m truly thankful for the reception of excellent collaboration to reach important goals. These life changing opportunities will impart to those who have waited a long time, all good resolve for everyone.  If you are seeking to connect with me, you may send an email and I will reply within 2 working days.

I’ll end by sharing a valuable lesson I had to learn over a span of ten years: Love those who love you and forgive those who don’t.


Please complete the contact form regarding any medical debt and/or any health related topic only. Email replies are checked every Thursday’s before 8:00 pm and respond within 7 working days thereafter.


Address: P.0. Box 10871 Blacksburg, Va. 24062
Phone: 5402069257
Email: support@Darelllong.com