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The newsletter is in support of Life, Liberty, and Freedom. It is a recognized part of every American’s birthright and in support of individual liberty.

My name is Darel L. Long, I’m an entrepreneur and writer.

I am grateful you have visited my newsletter titled Darel Long’s Pronouncement.

My newsletter includes a limited number of newly defined words or phrases to inject into the English vernacular, including bold remarks. The newsletter also provides limited bold pronouncements, breaking news from FOIA requests, political opinions, thought-provoking questions, excerpts, and quotes taken from previous articles, and highlights from other sources. I want to report examples of misplaced history, biblical interests, health topics, pet health, Covid news, parental alienation, war, and topics that many will find of great interest.

I was inspired to provide this newsletter to stand as solutions and opinions in a world of calamity. Darel Long’s Pronouncement hopefully creates concinnity, which may open hearts and minds.

As citizens of the USA, we must remind ourselves to always embrace the heart of a vigilant citizen or patriot and to forever embrace the Bill of Rights and Constitution. We must never provide blind loyalty to any member of the political class or any elected official.

About Me and the Immediate Future:  I am an entrepreneur and writer. My first book Poetic Answers will be released before Valentine’s Day, 2023. The second book titled Parental Alienation: She Changed Her Name will be released also in 2023. I’m the creator of two products: one supports the aeronautics industry, and the second supports free energy concepts better than solar. I expect product reveals this year, in 2022. I’m alarmed the Covid vaccines were created at Warp Speed and I have opposed federal approval to inject our youth and compatriots with unproven vaccines which held no long-term studies. The site will help warn parents against the vaccines which the US government and political class have mostly chosen to ignore. Supporting my newsletter with a paid subscription provides for this bold plan to help save our kids from Monster Vaxers.

The second site, Elevated Goods, provides an alternative shopping destination as opposed to woke culture spending. I will promote buying American-made products as much as I can.

I’m also grateful to learn the art of wholesaling homes located overseas during a chaotic time with a long-term custody case, involving my daughter, exceeding 8 years.

Expectations for Darel Long’s Pronouncement Newsletter: You can expect to receive 2-3 updates each week, Monday – Friday, and sometimes Saturdays. I look forward with anticipation to reading the community comments. The community will also benefit from community comments as well. The newsletter is updated by myself, and due to time constraints, I’m eager to read comments, but less inclined to reply.

Valuable Goals:  My immediate goals begin with the hope of generating paid subscribers and the funds will be used to fund: Tenth Amendment initiatives, proposed laws to help combat Parental Alienation, develop a website to help shame bad actors who are agitators who participate in Parental Alienation, hire a small team of research specialist to expose the changes made to the King James Version of the Bible and correct the errors.  Hire a second small team of researchers who can help expose misplaced history, which has also been manipulated. Lastly, funds will be used to pay off the remaining debt as a direct result of my challenges with parental alienation. Funds will also assist with the website.

Off the rails:  I’m proud to be able to note I’ve formally been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, and diabetes. I’m thankful to overcome stage 4 prostate cancer, and that I have had the strength to fire doctors many times. This was most prominent in March 2021, when my life was on the line. I was introduced to a solution of intravenous vitamin C combined with vitamin K that eliminated my prostate cancer. Later, I used intravenous vitamin C for near-death pneumonia. The introduction to this cancer treatment was introduced to me by a loyal and trusted friend. I chose the word “proud” to those tell the experts who provided a diagnosis for dyslexia, ADHD, and a learning disability, that they couldn’t map the region of a man or woman’s mind to discover the accomplishments needed to overcome the victimization of being “different.”

As I recall from my youth, most teachers looked to place my intellect in a prescribed box while ignoring fascinating achievements. I want to thank my English teacher, Mr. Danny Huffman, who privately sent my written work to national writing competitions where I scored high in 1st, 3rd, and 9th places. Mr. Huffam also discovered the proper testing method as opposed to standard testing. We must remind ourselves never to join or agree to positions in which others may limit our ability by injecting Group Identity. By reminding ourselves of our achievements across our own lives, we elevate our best. The experts are often wrong and ignore other creative abilities due to limited diagnoses, or do not note or report other creative abilities and solutions.

Moreover, had the “professional class identifiers” not placed my intellect within a “group parameter,” it is doubtful Long Pronouncements would exist. I would have joined the masked crowd as part of the sheep running back and forth. My earliest “professional class identifiers” failed in their intent to box me in. Instead, they prompted me to be a free man for independent thought. I’ve been a lifelong independent free thinker and I’m thankful. I could not be packaged in a neat box, and I doubt I would have stayed in one if I had been so labeled.

If I had bought into the endless reminders from the professional opinions who affirmed I’m dyslexic, ADHD, and learning disabled, I think it would be impossible to complete this introduction. We should be proud of our abilities and remind ourselves some of the hollowest of people are counselors who seek to professionally label that which is not completely understood. Those labels may affect us and our children’s spirits, hopes, and dreams. We must not join illogical pronouncements from those who seek to label that which is not truly comprehended.

In every case, we must elevate the human spirit regardless of perceived limitations. I genuinely believe Long Pronouncement will enrich your logical mindscape.

What I believe: I’m a Christian who seeks to humbly recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I believe the King James Bible is the closest printed version of the Bible to reflect ancient history. (The KJV was once considered to be on par with 12th-grade reading comprehension. People today think it’s too hard to understand. “Teachers teach, students educate.” We must never stop learning and not depend on classroom learning only.) I believe the same King James Version has been altered to revise biblical history and conceal and omit portions to limit the effectiveness of the Bible. After a deep study of the origins of the King James version, I have learned the Bible was altered by Sir Francis Bacon, a Free Mason. The changes to the King James Version of the Bible were made at the behest of the Catholic Church. The Bible has been altered to hide valuable biblical history. Some modern clergy is aware of this, but seldom disclose this to other clergy, and seldom oppose the current printed version.

I believe modern-day scientists are more inclined to follow hard-left political science. They fail to point out actual covid deaths as opposed to the constant fear-based mantra of cases, cases, and cases.

I believe the data provided in the open public domain proves Fauci created the bioweapon, also known as gain-of-function. Fauci and others are responsible for mass deaths across the world, also known as genocide.

I believe the 2020 election was stolen and vast evidence is listed in the public domain by the evildoers who illegally changed voting laws. This was the greatest heist in American voting history.

As a supporter of the GOP, the libertarian party, the constitution party, or other small government brands, and as a constitutional patriot, my allegiance stands with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. I must announce my disappointment with the GOP:

I believe the GOP did truly little to secure our votes.

I believe the GOP did extraordinarily little to secure Free Speech, also represented as the FIRST Amendment. Conservative voices are canceled or deleted from the public mainstream media. Many are moving to other platforms to keep their voices heard.

I believe the GOP joined the largest central planning scheme in history: Covid Central Planning was created to undermine our great land. This allowed the Central Planners from the CDC, FDA, and NIHI to undermine the spirit of America.

The GOP joined the “15-days, six feet apart” and Operation Warp Speed instead of looking at actual data. They abandoned the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and AMERICA. They joined Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci as they promoted their solutions, solutions that were driven by the Communist Chinese Party. We see a ramp-up to support those who failed our nation as the next in charge. While it’s true “45” delivered many victories to elevate our nation, we must not forget the GOP leadership chose to go along with the bad actors and refused to abort the course they plotted. Stating this point is a fact; some will consider this alone to be a bold pronouncement while others will chastise the delivery of fact.

I believe there is no pandemic among our youth to authorize any use of any Covid vaccine for our children. It is criminal to inject an unproven drug of any kind into the arms of our youth and compatriots.

I strongly believe in our birthright to Life, Freedom, and Liberty.

I was once an avid Trump supporter and donated valuable time to ensure victory for 45 in 2016, and again in 2020. I questioned Operation Warp Speed early on and later, as the VAERS report data confirmed, a major uptick in harm created by the new vaccines, Trump continues to support the vaccines, even going to far as labeling them as safe.

In my home state of Virginia, the former administration mandated vaccines for students to attend college and thus Operation Warp Speed became the trigger for mass harm created by vaccines. As citizens, we voted the repugnant left out of the office, and thus the vaccine mandates ended as Younkin took over. I proudly voted for the GOP trifecta to help end mandates in Virginia and other progressive disgusting plans.

The current VAERS report should give Trump a justifiable pause in his encouragement and promotion of vaccines, but this hasn’t occurred, and we should all question his position on this matter.

At what point do parents begin to renounce Operation Warp Speed which became the trigger for adverse effects and death not only in the USA but abroad?

At what point will Trump renounce the jab among our military members who are mandated to receive the unproven vaccines or lose their jobs, benefits, and pensions??

Now that our kids are jabbed, data already shows negative health impacts on them. How long will it take for parents to point out Operation Warp Speed was faulty, and renounce Trump’s support of the Covid-related jab?

My concern with 2022 and 2024 is based solely on two major points. The first was the mechanisms that allowed for the stolen election to occur. Are we truly ready to secure elections? Secondly, vaccine deaths and adverse effects are rising. Combined with Trump’s need for approval for the vaccines from the left, he recently provided this thanks to Joe Biden for recognition of the Jab. Trump, even labeled himself “The Father of Vaccines.” Soon after, Trump’s approval among supporters began to drop.

At this point, I believe Trump should use his vast influence to support the Tenth Amendment to help reduce tyranny across our great land. He should renounce all vaccines created under Operation Warp Speed. Should this pivot occur, the said actions could be viewed as a stroke of genius for humanity. If neither is promoted or embraced, the GOP identity will be weak and rudderless. I find great comfort with these proposed immediate changes. However, I know such changes are not likely to happen.

I believe a litmus test should be added to any member running as a member of the GOP or other liberty-minded parties to include “Do you support the Tenth Amendment to curtail US government tyranny? If so, what have you done to promote the Tenth as part of your campaign.”

I believe the GOP should be challenged by other members running for office in support of Life, Liberty, and Freedom. The truckers should form their party to oppose the lackluster performance of the GOP in support of the country, jobs, the economy, and self-reliance. Isn’t it time for Tea Party to form a formal party and emerge as a great challenger? The GOP is afraid of liberty competition and since the pandemic began the GOP has done truly little to end US tyranny. The GOP can only improve by subjecting itself to completing ideas from other liberty-promoted parties and ideas.

Not long ago the GOP promised: Balanced budgets, the End of Obama Care, Lock-her-up, End the Swamp, and much more. What was the result of these bold promises?

Isn’t it time for those who support Life, Liberty and Freedom to read, promote, and act using the Tenth Amendment?

Our Nation’s greatest error has been to embolden a federal government and its bureaucracy to usurp the will of We the People. Bureaucrats hold more power over We the People than our lost vote to vote fraud.

Our second greatest error as the federal government grew into a leviathan many state ran governments have also joined with central planning and reduced its own deductive reasoning and placed at harm its own citizens with politically charged health departments by joining the CDC, FDA, NIHI and thus the citizens within its states have effectively reduced the standards of Life, Liberty, and Freedom.

US Citizens assert authority over federal tyranny by using the Tenth Amendment.

Lastly, our nation has murdered innocent lives via abortion, and this must end.

The points above, in theory, are possible to engage. In doing so, we can pass to our kids and grandchildren Life, Liberty, Freedom, and Humanity.

I joined the digital revolution to promote liberty and point out issues that I find important. My website: Darel L. Long will also archive articles posted from Substack. I joined the Substack community to help warn We the People.

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My goal is to get to 50,000 subscribers enabling me to create a $250,000 monthly income to support the goals listed above.

Thoughts:  During my life journey, I am grateful for the kindness shown by many. My tempered spirit has been sharpened by vast conflict from the fires of parental alienation. At one time, I slept in my car with my little dog, named Jenn. During the chaos created by parental alienation, my Christian faith held its own when I was often being abused and falsely accused. But it was God who saved me during perilous times. For those who were impacted during extreme difficulties, I am truly thankful for your patience and kindness. For those who love and adore me, I am deeply grateful.

Final Thoughts: Recently I awakened from a dead sleep with a thought in mind: the phrase “Love is the greatest defender.”  The phrase seems to capture both a visible and quiet part of our lives. The meaning is broad, kind, and loving. I believe the phrase “Love is the greatest defender” applies to many aspects and even my newsletter Bold Pronouncements. My newsletter is for my love for Country, Life, Liberty, and Freedom. This will be my attempt to defend our nation by sharing Perspectives with Darel Long.

I invite you to join at a level of your choice, free or paid. Love is the greatest defender that applies to every area of my life and yours.

Love is the greatest defender,

Darel L. Long

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