Words fail me Darel.

You are truly one of lifes fighters.

It beggars belief that the doctors have to be pushed to accommodate your wishes, but that they then charge you a fortune for doing so.

Regarding the Prostate cancer, there was a stack today that highlighted Ivermectins use for it.

Also the Fenbendazole substack is definitely worth a read.

Also if you've never read it, Joe Tippens blog ( mycancerstory.rocks) is where I first discovered that there are other treatments for cancer than the ones pharma needs you to take.

Good luck.

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Hi there: I appreciate your kind and supportive reply. I'll visit the link and suggestions and will read their information. Ivermectin is a miracle drug. I've often done business on the little island named St. Kitts and other small islands in the Caribbean, and it's used to fight Malaria. Covid has been around for a long time, and doctors have used Ivermectin to fight covid. I live in a college town, and the Mayor demanded we wear masks on public streets, and I refused. I attended a town council meeting during the lockdowns (6-12 feet apart) and explained to the town council and the significant power of Ivermectin. I was removed from the town council meeting by a police escort. They supported political science while I promoted natural science. Recently I began a self-study for PH levels and will start posting articles about PH levels and Rife Technology. Yes, I'm a fighter and recently launched a new site and newsletter titled: Overcome Parental Alienation and invite you to read my story about PA: https://www.overcomeparentalalienation.com/p/parental-alienation-epic-pandemic. I truly appreciate your reply.

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