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9/11 After 22 years

Hearing is revealed to the deaf

Predictive Programming: Omicron

The mRNA Vaccine Injured Must Expose The Jab

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Introducing Kelleigh Nelson

A reunion with great love, click it.

The Most Valuable Sixteen Minutes you can watch

Free Energy in 1850

Covid: Excess Deaths in Canada up 75%

FRM Mobster Sammy The Bull has a message for Politicians

Covid: How many politicians are an accessory to murder?

Covid Stocks: We need data related to Covid stocks and Option Trading

No Covid Debate during the GOP Debate

Covid: They are planning another plandemic!

Men and Children are dropping like flies

Dr. Nass Explains How The WHO is participating in a Soft Coup

Covid: Donald J. Trump's Operation Warp Speed

Turkey: Unknown Spider Creatures

Biometric Digital IDs will enslave We the People

Man forced to ditch EV truck during family road trip

One person can make a huge difference!

Alan Dershowitz on Trumps recent indictment

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Lovely Animals

America: What They Don't Show You

Tombs of the Giants

The Sick Reality of Drag Queen's Performing In Front Of Kids

Humans are Not Responsible for Increases in C02

Antarctica: U.S. Navy Operation High Jump

Bill Gates Openly Admits At A Seminar, Population Reduction

9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover Up Wide Open

Ai Robot vs. Human wins Ping Pong Match

American Flags by Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun

Happy July 4th and the Tenth Amendment

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Video: In God We Trust

A daring new chapter begins

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Gender Debate: Matt Walsh

Over 1,600 Banks Are On The Verge Of Failure

Gorsuch Condemns COVID Policies

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Update: A Patriot

Memorial Day and the Tenth Amendment

Ricky Schroder describes Satanic Sacrifice

What do Fact Checkers have in common with Soros and US Government?

Police side with climate activist


Update: Newsletter Change

Lara Logan: Texas GOP Complicit with Border Invasion

Ukraine: Congressman Morgan Griffith War Response

Action vs. Procrastination

FDA Report presents deceptive data for Kids and more

Mother Bears: Happy Mother's Day

Fear and My departure from the GOP

Now they want to Jab the Chickens with the mRNA vaccine

I corrected this morning post image

The US Constitution Demands Border Security!

Did you know Craigslist is also a woke company?

Speaking Truth to power

The Definition of Treason

Hearing for the first time

Pfizer's CEO, Albert Bourla, is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Good Morning

Biological Men must use the men's restroom

Joe Biden is playing the green game.

Father Who Beat Son's Accused Rapist Speaks Out

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on Donald J. Trump

J6: Ray Epps attorney was a former FBI Agent

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Is Former President Donald J. Trump Controlled Opposition?

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Introduction to the 2020 Election Miniseries

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Compendium

Darel Long's Pronouncement Health Update and Update

Ralph Riekermann admits to attending Snuff Parties.

Republican Governors Association meeting with Pfizer CEO

Does this video depict Free Energy in Cambodia?

James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas Coup

James O'Keefe should go for profit and leave 501(c)

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Darel Long’s Pronouncement Subscriber Update

Alan Komissaroff suddenly dies at the of 47

Tanja Fajon Demands obedience to the World Order

Health Update: Darel L. Long

Should Pfizer's Jab be considered a counterfeit product?

The "Penis Pianist" Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

#vaccinegenocide was trending on Twitter

Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls for Cashless Transactions

The World's elites are aware of the Jabbed Pilots

Steven Crowder calls out Conservative Media

Democrat Demands Impeachment of Joe Biden

Gas Stoves: The power to nullify using the Tenth Amendment

MAGA must choose the path to put the Constitution First

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders ends remaining Covid-19 Orders

Cows are lovely

Covid Vaccines: Adverse Events of Interest (AEI)

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Elected US House Speaker during round 15

Rep. Kevin McCarthy fails to deliver liberty

A New Rockstar in Congress, Rep. Byron Donald, R-FL

Collusion between CDC, Twitter and Facebook

Australian Senator Takes Hard Stand Against Covid Jab

Reckless Lawmakers spent $858 Billion of our money

Happy New Year, 2023, and the Tenth Amendment