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Our Republic Must Prevail

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Happy Thanksgiving and the Tenth Amendment

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Former President Barack Obama Admits Election Fraud Occurs

Tragic Transgender Data provided by the failed NIH

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Impeach Joe Biden for high crimes and misdemeanors

Question the 2020 Election Miniseries

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Donald J. Trump can help drain the swamp with Amendment X

Darel L Long: My health update October 12, 2022

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2020: 20,000+ Georgia Change of Address forms

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What is a Women introduction series and compendium

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Red Alert: Big Tech colluded with secretaries of State

Inspired Morning: Vol 42, Saturday August 27, 2022

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SAD: Suddenly Dies, Principle Riddick Parker

Inspired Morning: Vol 41, Friday August 26, 2022

My mistake! The article should have been released at 8:02 am

Three at Three News: Vol 44, Thursday August 25, 2022

Inspired Morning: Vol 40, Thursday August 25, 2022

America First must understand Constitutional Limits

Three at Three News: Vol 43, Wednesday August 24, 2022

Senator Mark Warner the Constitutional Imposter

Inspired Morning: Vol 39, Wednesday August 24, 2022

Three at Three News: Vol 42, Tuesday August 23, 2022

SAD: Nicholas Evans, dies suddenly at 72

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Is Jared Kushner the Mar-a-Lago Mole?

Inspired Morning: Vol 34, Friday August 19, 2022

Three at Three News: Vol 37, Thursday August 18, 2022

Ron Paul's warning of FBI abuse from 1988

Inspired Morning: Vol 33, Thursday August 18, 2022

Three at Three News: Vol 36, Wednesday August 17, 2022

2020: The alleged ineligible Georgia Voters

Inspired Morning: Vol 32, Wednesday August 17, 2022

Three at Three News: Vol 35,Tuesday August 16, 2022

GOP States must Engage Amendment X to nullify Tyranny

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Three at Three News: Vol 32, Saturday August 13, 2022

SAD: Mohammed Al-Qahtani drops dead during a speech

Inspired Morning: Vol 28, August 13, 2022

Three at Three News: Vol 31, Friday August 12, 2022

Amendment X and USA solutions, introduction, and compendium

Inspired Morning: Vol 27, Friday August 12, 2022

Five at Five News: Vol 31, August 11, 2022

Dominion voting systems high error rate

Inspired Morning: Vol 26, August 11, 2022

Five at Five News: Vol 30, 2022

Amendment X is the silver bullet against federal tyranny

Inspired Morning: Vol 25, August 10, 2022

Five at Five News: Vol 29, August 9, 2022

To all: Today's election fraud article is set aside for future release

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Vol 28 Monday: Five at Five News

Holly Darkin, 29, died suddenly April, 2022

Five at Five News: Introduction and Compendium

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Crushing Antifa & Antichrist with Boldness

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Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and Adverse Effects Compendium

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Ten Commandments Adopted by the Democrats

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Nevada: The Agilis Voting machines 50% non-matching

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The Best Pfizer ad-Monster Jabber-Covid Child Predator

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2020-Current Election Protection Solutions

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Best Buy deploys CREEPY technology for its customers

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Vol 19 Saturday: Three at Three News

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has fired over 1,750 employees for refusing to get the jab

Vol 14 Saturday: Inspired Morning

Vol 18 Friday: Three at Three News

DNA testing kits are a SCAM to develop ethnic-specific bioweapons

Some Covid Vaccine Ingredients

Vol 13 Friday: Inspired Morning

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2020 Election: Wisconsin's 500 Drop Boxes

Vol 12 Thursday: Inspired Morning

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Say No to CON-CON

New Name: Darel Long's Pronouncement

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2020: Pennsylvania Fake Ballot Manufacturing

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Evidence of An Ancient Cataclysm

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Urgent Introduction and definition for a Monster Jabber

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Impotant: College Textbooks and more up 160%

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2020: Georgia's Secretary of State Corrupted Signature Matching

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2020: Georgia 305,700 absentee ballots

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2020 Georgia Election: Ghost Voter Fraud

The Question the 2020 Election Miniseries: Compendium

Three at Three News

Loose Lips: Pompano Beach Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins

Three at Three News

Election Night 2020: Pennsylvania and Michigan

Three at Twelve News

Tragedy and reckless COVID Vaxers: The newest Child Predator

Three at Three News

Volume 1: July 9,2022, Three at Three News

Bill Gates: Software called Election Guard

Volume Four: July 7, 2022, Five at Five News

Globalization using Digital Identity for persons and things

Volume Three News: July 6, 2022, Five at Five News

Darel Long's "Long Pronouncement Newsletter Update"

Volume Two News: July 5, 2022, Five at Five News

July 5, 2022, The Committee for Liberty

Volume One News: July 4, 2022, Five at Five News

American's defy Newsom's former July 4th Orders

New US and World Definition: Covid Vaccine Child Predator

What is this? Trump tweeted My blood IS the Vaccine!!!

Midnight, Election Day, President Trump appeared to win

2018 Trump Announced plans to protect Our elections

Do you question the 2020 Election and ask yourself "what if?"

USA-Our Republic at Risk: The State of Our Union

Best wishes and Happy Father's Day to all Patriot Fathers

QAnon followers should immediately support Amendment X

Where's Trump's support for January 6th supporters?

1 Corinthians 13:13 But the greatest of these is love

FOIA: Regarding Matthew McConaughey's Travel Expenses

FOIA: Regarding Matthew McConaughey's paid speaking fee

Has Gun Control Lowered Crime and Murder in Democrat Cities?

For Our Bravest

Donald J. Trump must rally efforts to oppose the WHO Treaty

Elon Musk: Twitter must help save missing Children

Barack Obama: Affirms clinical testing for Covid vaccine

Freak Accident

A brilliant move: Elon Musk's Quest to Purchase Twitter

Emergency occurred this past Wednesday

Next Featured Article: About Mr. Elon Musk & Twitter

What about Soft Kill promoted by the Secret Covenant?

Next featured article about: The Secret Covenant

I continue to March forward with Important Articles

Gab's Offer To Elon Musk

Elon Musk Attempts to Save Free Speech

The USA Free Press has been Weaponized prior to Cronkite

FOIA: Director William J. Burns regarding Sean Hannity

Two Part Series: CIA and Sean Hannity

Zelensky: POW Abuse from the Ukrainian Military

Next Featured Article about POW Abuse from the Ukrainian Military

Another MEDIA Blackout: Ukrainians moving to Russia

Next Featured Article is about Ukraine

Parental Alienation: Epic Pandemic of Emotional Proportion

Next Featured Article about Parental Alienation

America's First Must Demand and use the Tenth Amendment

Recently I had to take an emergency trip

Next featured article: America First must demand use of the Tenth Amendment

Ukrainian President Zelensky: Demands no-fly-zone

Next article highlights world peace

Gov. Glenn Youngkin: FOIA demands for Covid-19 Media Costs

The Great Truth: Our Birthright and the Tenth Amendment

Part 2 of 2: The 25th Amendment

Part 1 of 2:The 25th Amendment

Congressman Morgan Griffith: No War with Russia

The abuse of our little ones has reached epidemic levels

We Must Advance Freedom of Information Act Requests

Citizens of the world Demand Peace: Biden, Putin, Zelensky

Next article highlights world peace

Caring persons should show kindness towards @5CAR_

Kissinger Quote from a speech to the WHO Eugenics Council

Life, Liberty and Freedom now weigh in the balance

Next article highlights Freedoms and the Tenth Amendment

Darel L. Long, Long Pronouncement Introduction

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